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raise the bar in the world of men’s contemporary European fashion in Phoenix. With an unerring eye for design and style Minas selects and recommends, cuts and creates extraordinary statements with clothing that serve his clients for decades. If you want a look from a bygone era, bring in a photo with your vision and we will create your image. For over 30 years Minas has nailed it – providing the discriminating dresser with wardrobe selections that confer edge and attitude for years to come.
Challenge yourself - confront your world in style…

Custom Suits - Tuxedos - Sport Coat - Slacks:

Minas will personally take each client through the style consultation, design plan, interior and exterior fabric choices. If you are challenged to find a fit that enhances your uniqueness, custom offers the perfect solution.  

Fabrics are pared with season; full linings for winter, half jacket for summer coolness.  Expect 20 - 30 measurements will be taken and a minimum of 3 fittings, all adjustments are included in the quote.   Your pattern will remain on file to ensure a perfect fit for future garments. Each commission will require 30 - 50 labor hours to completion.

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in 30 years we have zero [0] returns.


Suits    $750 - $3995

Tuxedos    $800 -$4200

Sport Coat    $600 - $3000

Slacks    $250 - $1200

- Price includes fabric selections and detail requirements.

Delivery: 4-6 weeks.

Custom Shirts:

Custom Shirts

There are few items in a man’s wardrobe more luxurious than his custom shirts. Whether a shirt is for dress, tuxedo, or sport, fabrics in this realm surpass anything commercially available. The look, colors, fit, feel, and comfort are beyond measure. We customize for your body type, coloring, neck height and width, fabric weave and weight, pocket style, collar spread, trims, plackets, buttonhole threads, button colors, cuff’s and monogram.

Shirts    Starting at $115 To $350.

- Price includes fabric selections and detail requirements.

Delivery: 4-6 weeks.

Shirt Gallery:

The Color Story :

is your story. Designed layer by layer, fabrics, tie, buttons, thread, detailing and shoes unify with unforgettable contemporary styling. For this, you need an ace tailor on your team.

Whether you know your color preferences or arrive with a photo, the color story will step you into a private world of confidence where craftsmanship meets imagination and lives are built.


Sophistication has its rewards and to that end, fabric choice is fundamental. The garment industry sizzles twice annually with the release of fabrics from the world’s finest mills. Exciting blends, textures and colors defining style for the coming season light up European design showrooms with superb arrays of fibers that dazzle.

Brother’s Phoenix maintains over 3000 samples in residence, providing a world-class selection of wools, cashmere, mohair, camel hair, blends, silk, linen, and cotton engineered for aesthetics, comfort, wear and care.

Whether your preference is Harris Tweed handwoven for generations on Scotland’s Outer Hebrides or Australian Merino wool, our selection is all-inclusive. Linen, formerly on the backburner of fine men’s wear, emerges as an ideal fabric for desert oasis events. Its natural flow and crumple lends an air of casual elegance to the confident man within.

Minas will assist to define your color story, building layers of expression into your final look with fabrics that astound the senses. Distinction is achieved through the attitude conveyed by classically refined bespoke design.